Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner specializing in handwriting identification and suspect documents.

Emily J. Will, D-BFDE

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Office: 919-556-7414
TollFree: 877-699-7414
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Handwriting Identification
Who signed the document?
Who wrote the anonymous note?
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Detection of Altered Documents
Are there additions or deletions to the document?
Was a page substituted?
Is the chronology correct?
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Uncovering Obliterations
What was erased?
What was crossed out?
What is under the "white out"?
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Print Process Identification
Is the document an original document?
What kind of machine process created the document?
Before you contact a document examiner…

Take a minute to think about your approach to the examiner. It is always best, if possible, to describe the assignment in a neutral manner, so that the examiner does NOT know what result would most suit the client. In this way you help to minimize any concerns that the examiner has been "biased" by prior knowledge of any desired result.
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Board Certified - BFDE
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Certified by NADE
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30 years experience in private practice.
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Testified in state and federal, civil and criminal courts.
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Well equipped for office and on-site examinations.
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Proficiency tested and active professionally.